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Dean Windsor

Born: 09 Sep 1986
Hometown: Bathurst

Four most significant cycling achievements?
1st: Under 13s State Titles....Nothing else mattered as a kid growing up in NSW 1st: National Under 23 Criterium Champion (First Australian National Jersey) 1st: Jayco Bay Crits (First time I beat all the Australian professionals) Yellow Jersey: Leader in the Tour de Taiwan. It was my first UCI points collection and win outside of Australia. 1st: Woking Round Tour Series - first win on the UK scene

Best moment on bike?
I love my bike, every time I am out riding, with some mates on a fresh morning, feeling the sun's heat with the heart rate going while everyone and everything else is asleep, you can't beat it! Actually you can beat it... because my competitive edge gives me real motivation to train and race and there is no better moment or feeling than throwing your arms in the air crossing the line first!

Person who has had the most influence on your cycling career and why?
My family and my close friends. I would love to name everyone but there are just too many people that support me, follow my progress and even travel across the world to watch me race. Although a special mention goes to my parents who have always supported me in my cycling career, university endeavours and all other aspects of my life. And, my girlfriend who travels the world supporting my career.

Rider you most revere/admire and why?
Mark Renshaw: simply because I grew up riding and racing him, training with him and following him as his career has unfolded. He is unreal on a bike too! Oscar Freire: Have a look at his CV and try not to be impressed. I love his style and would like to be a rider with his talents; a rider that is cunning and smart with the ability to climb and sprint.

What was your first ever bike?
A bike with 6 inch plastic wheels. I got my first race bike at 5 years old. My dad and I set it up with a smaller wheel on the front to get more aero, and used laminate to make disc wheels for the front and back, it was a weapon.

Your most "impressive" injury?
I would say a little scratch on my elbow from the Youth Olympics scratch race. I was involved in a mass pile up on the velodrome in the final 200m. When falling I knew it would hurt... While sliding and tumbling, I was sure it was not going to be good, then... lying in a mess of injured, groaning cyclists, I thought surprisingly- nothing seems to be hurting except a small sting on my elbow... a close inspection revealed an "impressively" small scratch on my elbow and that was it!

What is your favourite route?
In Bathurst we have a road called the Bridal Track, a winding country road that you can ride on for hours without seeing a car. It is very remote and has an infamous hill called the ‘Euro’. Some of the best riding away from home I have ever done is through Italy; from the Dolomites, to the Northern Lakes, to Tuscany - it is spectacular.

If you were not a pro-racer what would you be doing right now?
Well after 4 years of study at uni, I am actually a qualified primary school teacher, but I prefer to think I'd be a racing car driver, any type of car so long as it's a fast one!

What is your hidden talent?
I am a billy cart expert and I think I am a kickass dancer but no one has ever complemented me on it.

What is your favourite food?
Dates, they are delicious!

Do you have a particular lucky ritual before a race or any other quirks or superstitions?
I run by the quote "why stand when you can sit, and why sit when you can lay" so I always seem to find a seat when everyone else is standing before a race or traveling through airports to a race.

Whats your aim for this season and beyond?
I have goals and dreams of racing at the top level like every cyclist, but have lots of goals in the steps towards it. This season is very important to me, apart from riding strongly and consistently and giving everything to the team, I would love to win a UCI 2.2 or 1.2 and; get on the podium or go to the top step in a 1.1.

What does being in Endura Racing mean to you?
I have raced Endura many times in the past 2 years and I've been very impressed by the team work, ethic and the positive atmosphere that seems to reverberate within the team, its riders and management. They have a brilliant race program where many of my goals lie. The members and staff are highly credentialed and I am thrilled to be working with them and learning from them in 2012.

So far this season

Start Days Event Venue
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
15-Sep 1 GP Impanis - Van Petegem Belgium
Day Position Time
1 28th +0:00
28th +0:00
14-Sep 1 Grand Prix de la Somme France
Day Position Time
1 15th +6:50
15th +6:50
21-Aug 5 Baltic Chain Tour Baltics
Day Position Time
1 12th +0:32
2 10th +0:00
3 50th +0:00
4 3rd +0:00
5 5th +0:00
4th +0:55
07-Aug 5 Vuelta Ciclista a León Spain
Day Position Time
1 126th +0:58
2 69th +33:06
3 68th +4:56
4 63rd +11:57
5 4th +0:08
62nd +47:32
01-Aug 2 Paris-Corrèze France
Day Position Time
1 59th +0:00
2 DNF ---
DNF ---
28-Jun 4 Czech Cycling Tour Czech Republic
Day Position Time
1 2nd +0:18
2 34th +2:02
3 67th +28:17
4 DNF ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 24th +0:00
2 20th +0:02
3 DNQ ---
4 --- ---
DNF ---
15-May 12 Halfords Tour Series UK
Day Position Time
1 4th ---
2 --- ---
3 3rd ---
4 2nd ---
5 --- ---
6 --- ---
7 --- ---
8 --- ---
9 --- ---
10 --- ---
11 --- ---
12 --- ---
--- ---
07-Jun 4 Ronde de l'Oise France
Day Position Time
1 81st +9:52
2 60th +0:06
3 96th +0:20
4 76th +2:54
67th +12:46
13-May 1 Lincoln Grand Prix UK
Day Position Time
1 8th +2:47
8th +2:47
06-May 1 Tour of the Reservoir UK
Day Position Time
1 24th +13:10
24th +13:10
Day Position Time
1 93rd +1:23
2 15th +0:09
3 9th +0:05
4 88th +7:27
5 75th +5:31
6 69th +5:38
7 47th +1:40
60th +20:46
15-Apr 1 Tro-Bro Léon France
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
14-Apr 1 Tour du Finistère France
Day Position Time
1 56th +0:56
56th 0:52
08-Apr 3 Tour Doon Hame UK
Day Position Time
1 34th +0:15
2 15th +0:04
3 DNF ---
DNF ---
30-Mar 1 Route Adélie de Vitré France
Day Position Time
1 80th +1:29
80th +1:29
Day Position Time
1 108th +0:00
2 133rd +8:27
3 2nd +0:08
4 97th +8:50
5 DNS ---
6 --- ---
DNF ---
11-Mar 1 Omloop van het Waasland Belgium
Day Position Time
1 66th +1:10
66th +1:10
26-Feb 1 Les Boucles du Sud Ardèche France
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 164th +0:54
2 78th +0:00
3 DNF ---
4 CANC ---
N/A ---
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 8th +0:00
8th +0:00