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Oli Beckingsale

Born: 07 Jun 1976
Hometown: Bristol

Four most significant cycling achievements?
12th Olympic Games 2008, 9th World Championships 2005, 10th World Championships 2008, 2nd Commonwealth Games 2006

Best moment on bike?
World Championships 2006, was flying in 5th and made some rookie mistakes and blew my nuts off.

Person who has had the most influence on your cycling career and why?
My parents for support, Louis Passfield my coach.

Rider you most revere/admire and why?
Thomas Frischknecht

What was your first ever bike?
First mountainbike was bad ass Raleigh Mustang

Your most "impressive" injury?
Got three real good deep chainring holes on my left quad.

What is your favourite route?
Local Bristol singletrack (when the trails are dry)

If you were not a pro-racer what would you be doing right now?
Working hard at something but spending more time down the pub.

What is your hidden talent?
Pretty average at everything other than bike riding, I can cook pretty well though..

What is your favourite food?

Do you have a particular lucky ritual before a race or any other quirks or superstitions?
I do the old "touch wood" on my head

Whats your aim for this season and beyond?
To compete in the 2012 Olympics and have some good international races on the way and win some stuff now and then.

What does being in Endura Racing mean to you?
Being a Brit on a British team and always having the right clothes for the right conditions.

So far this season

Start Days Event Venue
25-Jul 1 Sheffield Grand Prix UK
Day Position Time
1 --- ---
--- ---
01-Jul 1 Beaumont Trophy UK
Day Position Time
1 29th +0:09
29th +0:09
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---