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Alexander Wetterhall

Born: 12 Apr 1986
Hometown: Skara

Four most significant cycling achievements?
The win of the FBD Insurace Rás in Ireland 2010, the solo win of the 1st stage of RingeRike GP in Norway 2010, the Swedish TT Championship Title 2009 and the 7th place at Tour of Denmark's TT stage 2010.

Best moment on bike?
When I crossed the line as the winner of 2010 FBD Insurance Rás

Person who has had the most influence on your cycling career and why?
Jan-Olof Rundqvist, he´s the coach at the "Cycling Academy" in Sweden. He has always believed in me, pushed me in the right directions and helped me trough hard moments when you need someone there to back you up the most.

Rider you most revere/admire and why?
Xavier Tondo, a talented rider who really put all his effort into being as best as possible and loved the time at the bike. He had the ability of making people smile around him and always had something positive to say, a real role model!

What was your first ever bike?
A wine-red Crescent mountain bike, I rode it every single day!

Your most "impressive" injury?
A front-flip at my mountain bike at one of the local courses, long time ago, cracked my collarbone.

What is your favourite route?
Around Fåglavik back home in Sweden, I've done that route so many times and often with great company.

If you were not a pro-racer what would you be doing right now?
After my graduation I completed a two-year training course in automation technologies, maybe that. Or otherwise taking care about my knowledge and experience and developing cycling related products - that's great fun, but it's hard to say. I love to ride my bike so this is what I really want to do!

What is your hidden talent?
Survival expert.

What is your favourite food?
A great tasting pizza and a glass of red.

Do you have a particular lucky ritual before a race or any other quirks or superstitions?
Ha ha! Yes. I got some things. For example: always wipe your shoes!

Whats your aim for this season and beyond?
My goals are to get my Swedish TT title back and to develop myself as a stage race rider. Get myself a top 10 at the World Championships Time Trial.

What does being in Endura Racing mean to you?
I'm looking forward to work with a team who´s got good ambitions, good race-program, is structured and is growing with good sponsors for developing, improving and race with their products.

So far this season

Start Days Event Venue
30-Sep 1 Duo Normand France
Day Position Time
1 14th +4:53
14th +4:53
Day Position Time
1 53rd +10:11
2 46th +6:45
47th +17:12
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
22-Aug 1 Druivenkoers - Overijse Belgium
Day Position Time
1 91st +4:58
91st +4:58
21-Aug 1 GP Stad Zottegem Belgium
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
07-Aug 5 Vuelta Ciclista a León Spain
Day Position Time
1 88th +0:00
2 90th +36:35
3 84th +8:45
4 73rd +15:01
5 44th +1:15
79th +58:04
28-Jun 4 Czech Cycling Tour Czech Republic
Day Position Time
1 2nd +0:18
2 41st +2:02
3 DNF ---
4 --- ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 3rd +1:56
3rd +1:56
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 35th +0:00
2 100th +5:21
3 DNF ---
4 --- ---
DNF ---
26-May 1 SEB Tartu Grand Prix Estonia
Day Position Time
1 11th +2:27
11th +2:20
25-May 1 Tallinn - Tartu Grand Prix Estonia
Day Position Time
1 9th +0:00
9th +0:00
16-May 5 Glava Tour of Norway Norway
Day Position Time
1 50th +0:00
2 64th +0:00
3 63rd +0:00
4 42nd +2:48
5 53rd +1:29
38th +4:34
Day Position Time
1 12th +0:37
2 44th +11:04
44th +11:17
13-Apr 3 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon Spain
Day Position Time
1 94th +0:00
2 103rd +25:52
3 54th +8:47
76th +32:40
08-Apr 3 Tour Doon Hame UK
Day Position Time
1 23rd +0:15
2 19th +0:04
3 13th +3:13
16th +3:25
Day Position Time
1 17th +0:00
2 99th +5:10
3 2nd +0:08
4 98th +8:50
5 114th +19:59
6 26th +0:43
98th +34:41
11-Mar 1 Paris - Troyes France
Day Position Time
1 5th +0:07
5th +0:07
03-Mar 2 Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia Spain
Day Position Time
1 73rd +8:24
2 3rd +0:03
67th +7:55
26-Feb 1 Les Boucles du Sud Ardèche France
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 44th +0:00
2 93rd +0:00
3 119th +19:52
4 CANC ---
N/A ---