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Iker Camaño Ortuzar

Born: 14 Mar 1979
Hometown: Santurtzi

Four most significant cycling achievements?
The first is to manage to be a professional rider and to be able to make a living from the sport that I love. The second is to take part in the Tour of France on four occassions, the third is my first victory that I obtained in Mexico and the fourth is after being without team to have managed to return to ride with the Endura Racing.

Best moment on bike?
Finishing my first Tour de France in 26th position in 2004.

Person who has had the most influence on your cycling career and why?
Sabino Angoitia - now he is the director of the Geox, but he was my director as an amateur in the Cafés Baqué team and he taught me everything I know. In addition we also worked together at Saunier Duval.

Rider you most revere/admire and why?
Marino Lejarreta - he's now retired, but I liked his character and his way of riding. I keep a lot of photos and posters of him.

What was your first ever bike?
A Contini that I started riding when I was 14 years old.

Your most "impressive" injury?
Thankfully, I have not had any serious injury and hope that this continues this way during the whole life!

What is your favourite route?
My favorite route from my house to Guriezo and is 115km. I like it because it is a nice road without traffic and we always stop for a coffee in friend's bar.

If you were not a pro-racer what would you be doing right now?
I do not know, hopefully something related to cycling or sport.

What is your hidden talent?
I like football. if I had not been a cyclist I would had played football, especially for the money that they earn jaja!

What is your favourite food?
There are so many that it's hard to choose one, but I can't miss out the sponge cake that my mother makes!

Do you have a particular lucky ritual before a race or any other quirks or superstitions?
I do not have any particular ritual and I´m not superstitious. I'm in the habit of listening to music before the races.

Whats your aim for this season and beyond?
My aim for 2010 was to be able to end the year racing and thanks to Endura Racing I´m going to manage it. For the future I would like to continue competing since I believe that I still have a few years of cycling yet.

What does being in Endura Racing mean to you?
A new experience and to be able to know another area of cycling. This is a team that wants to grow and to do things well and it's a luxury for me. I will try to return the confidence that they have shown in me on the road. Now I have two years to prove it!

So far this season

Start Days Event Venue
07-Aug 5 Vuelta Ciclista a León Spain
Day Position Time
1 23rd +0:00
2 13th +2:33
3 20th +2:08
4 27th +5:30
5 46th +1:15
14th +7:51
01-Aug 2 Paris-Corrèze France
Day Position Time
1 25th +0:00
2 DNF ---
DNF ---
12-Jul 4 GP Internacional Torres Vedras Portugal
Day Position Time
1 1st 11:29
2 8th +0:03
3 3rd +0:00
4 5th +0:26
2nd +0:20
08-Jul 1 Stockton Grand Prix UK
Day Position Time
1 13th ---
13th ---
Day Position Time
1 --- ---
--- ---
28-Jun 4 Czech Cycling Tour Czech Republic
Day Position Time
1 2nd +0:18
2 30th +2:02
3 10th +1:57
4 40th +8:33
27th +10:23
Day Position Time
1 4th +2:01
4th +2:01
Day Position Time
1 19th +0:00
2 42nd +0:02
3 DNF ---
4 --- ---
DNF ---
07-Jun 4 Ronde de l'Oise France
Day Position Time
1 3rd +0:00
2 30th +0:06
3 14th +0:00
4 32nd +0:23
4th +0:09
16-May 5 Glava Tour of Norway Norway
Day Position Time
1 31st +0:00
2 126th +2:41
3 29th +0:00
4 32nd +1:40
5 46th +0:00
39th +4:41
Day Position Time
1 11th +0:37
2 25th +4:55
20th +5:08
Day Position Time
1 8th +5:30
8th +5:30
13-Apr 3 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon Spain
Day Position Time
1 38th +0:00
2 40th +9:38
3 20th +1:37
23rd +11:16
30-Mar 1 Route Adélie de Vitré France
Day Position Time
1 48th +0:02
48th +0:02
Day Position Time
1 41st +0:00
2 24th +0:00
3 2nd +0:08
4 27th +0:02
5 56th +7:22
6 21st +0:37
49th +8:00
11-Mar 1 Paris - Troyes France
Day Position Time
1 61st +0:07
61st +0:07
03-Mar 2 Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia Spain
Day Position Time
1 17th +2:18
2 32nd +0:38
17th +2:24
26-Feb 1 Les Boucles du Sud Ardèche France
Day Position Time
1 DNF ---
DNF ---
Day Position Time
1 61st +0:08
2 76th +0:00
3 136th +26:21
4 CANC ---
N/A ---