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Rob Hayles

Born: 21 Jan 1973
Hometown: Hayfield

Four most significant cycling achievements?
Double World Champ 2005 TP/Madison, Double Olympic Medalist 2004 TP/Madison, 2008 British RR Champion.

Best moment on bike?
Everytime the road stops going UP, and starts going back DOWN.

Person who has had the most influence on your cycling career and why?
Simon Jones or Matt Parker (National Coaches).

Rider you most revere/admire and why?

What was your first ever bike?
Rotrax 5 speed.

Your most "impressive" injury?
We dont have time. Although the time I let my wife drive our BMW M3 was a mistake. We ended up getting T boned by a Lorry on the central reservation of a motorway. Got cut out of it. Broke my back, pelvis and a couple of ribbs. Yet another helicopter ride I have no memories of. (Sept 2001).

What is your favourite route?
2hr loop from my house which takes in Long Hill out of Whaley Bridge. Right at the top down into Goyt Valley, Across the top of Cat and Fiddle climb. Down Axe Edge into Buxton. Then back to Hayfield Via Chappel-en-le-Frith.

If you were not a pro-racer what would you be doing right now?
Serving VERY good coffee in my very own coffee shop.

What is your hidden talent?
Can play the bagpipes too. Well, I can get a noise out of 'em. I can also sew, but I cannot knit!

What is your favourite food?
Fois Gras, washed down with a half bottle of Chateau d'Yquem 76, or if pushed, an 83.

Do you have a particular lucky ritual before a race or any other quirks or superstitions?
Not really. But if I forget my cycling shoes then I know I'm on for a bad one!

Whats your aim for this season and beyond?
Stay alive! Whilst trying to rip as many pairs of legs off anyone not in Endura kit.

What does being in Endura Racing mean to you?
The start of a very new chapter, of a very long book.