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Thwaites wins Tour of the Reservoir

Scott Thwaites won today's Tour of the Reservoir after a dominant team display, with the win taking Scott to the top of the British Cycling Premier Calendar standings at the halfway point in the series.




The day started with a break going in the first few kilometres which included Russell Downing and when they came back, there was a period of the race when plenty of attacks were made but nothing stuck. Russell Downing meanwhile was battling with Ben Greenwood ( for the King of the Mountains competition and won that before the big battle was fought for the race victory.

Attacks then came from Rob Partridge and Scott Thwaites (with Pete Williams) but they were brought back. The closing stages were dominated by team. In the final three kilometres, Ian Wilkinson had been away with Williams but knowing he wasn’t going to win, Wilkinson waited for his teammates to come up.

After an attack by Russell Downing to close the break down, a counter was made by Dean Windsor and Scott Thwaites and with the peloton on their heels, these two raced and caught the leaders before Thwaites sprinted clear to win by a few lengths from Peter Hawkins (IG Sigma sport) and Russell Downing.


Scott Thwaites:
After Brittany (Tour de Bretagne) was such a hard stage race, I had been under the weather and didn’t know how the legs were going to go round today. They were OK though. I was coughing a bit but as I got into the race, I got stronger and you could tell I had done a hard stage race as I’m stronger than I have ever been.
The team were fantastic today. We always had a rider in the moves and were attacking in the last few laps putting the other teams under pressure and that showed at the end when we had plenty of options and coming into the finish, anyone of us could have won really.
Wilko was away with Pete and there is a climb about 3km out which was the perfect springboard and there were attacks and Russ was up the front. Then myself and Dean (Windsor) sensed a bit of a lull as the group went over the top and we attacked and ended up in the middle. We went flat out all the way to the finish and could see the other teams chasing us. Dean did a fantastic job and was going so well down the hill and as soon as we turned into the Reservoir, I just came off his wheel up the short steep hill and that’s the sort of finish that suits me similar to Lincoln.

Julian Winn (Directeur Sportif):
It was about one-two-ing today and I was concerned with the size of the group at the end. I wanted to make sure there always one up the road to make the others chase. Rob got the ball rolling at the end and then Wilko chipped away with Pete Williams and it was looking good.
I knew we also had the right riders ready to do what was necessary if they were caught. It was perfectly suited to Jonny McEvoy, Russell or Thwaitsey and they did a good job. The momentum of the team continues and they rode well as a team today. There are still some areas that they need to get better at which I’ve noted today but they rode well, had good communication and good focus so can’t complain.

Russell Downing:
Today, we took the race on and everyone knows we want to race and we’re the guys to beat. I wanted to get a good workout after a few weeks at home so I went on the march early on and so many times in this race I was attacking, but it was one of those races - you couldn’t get away with no wind out there. We knew what we had to do in the finale.

We sent Wilko up the road and we sat policing things. I went on the climb (3km out) and then Scott and Dean went over the top which was perfect. We were all in with a shout of the win and I stalled the bunch as Scott was out front.

The form is OK but there’s a few things to do yet. I have been battling a cold all week but hopefully I have nipped that in the bud so now it’s a few more training days and then ready for the big one, the Lincoln Grand Prix.
Ian Wilkinson:
Yanto Barker attacked out of a corner at the feed and I went over the top of Yanto as I wasn’t feeling too bad and Pete Williams came with me which was perfect as we were both committed.
Pete was stronger than me and I was doing all I could on the run in but I started thinking about the finish and I knew he was going to beat me so I had to sit on and wait for the boys to come up because if I’d worked with him and got second, I’d have let the others down. Full credit to Pete, he was stronger and if the boys hadn’t been behind, we'd have been first and second but we have to think of the team. I’m happy, I’ve had a couple of crap rides lately but feel I’m now coming round for the Halfords Tour Series.


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Report and photos by Larry Hickmott |