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Thwaites Wins Stage Two of Tour Doon Hame

Scott Thwaites won the second stage of the Tour Doon Hame, a circuit race around Victory Park in Girvan to add to Erick Rowsell's win in the opening road stage earlier in the day. Scott's win made for a clean sweep of jerseys so far in the second round of British Cycling's Premier Calendar series with riders in the the Yellow jersey, the Endura Points green jersey and the King of the Mountains polka dots jersey.



The 16 mile circuit race was fairly uneventful, although the number of riders being shelled said a lot about the pace at the front as the teams battled on a damp evening in South Ayrshire. After taking care of Erick Rowsell to protect their yellow jersey, the team then turned their attention to winning the stage and did that too making it a great day for the team at home in Scotland.





Scott Thwaites:
That was good. It went to plan and Endura did a good job again and controlled the race. I started the first few laps nice and steady, to get ourselves in the race and make sure we had a prescence at the front and covering anything. Then in the second half of the race, we started massing on the front and just rolling through and keeping a nice tempo and as were all there, it kept us all out of trouble as well keeping the pressure on those behind.
Coming into the finish, the guys did a great job of covering any moves as Node 4 were firing riders off to try and put us off but the lads dealt with it real well. Coming into the finish, Rob (Partridge) set it up over the last few laps and then Windsor and Wilko were still there. Wilko (Ian Wilkinson) did a big turn and then Dean Windsor kicked out of the corner and got me a bit of a gap and I knew the finish well.
I made mistake this morning on this finish hesitating and waited too long because some people may think it is quite a long straight but when you are sprinting, its not as lonmg as it looked. I let Dean do 50 metres out of the corner and them dumped it on the 11 and went past him and kept going to the finish and I'm really happy with that.
I have had a good start to the season and been there or thereabouts but not quite managed to get my hands up so it’s really good to get my hands up and start the ball rolling for the season hopefully.
I felt good all the way round and was testing my legs in the intermediate sprints to see how I felt and they felt pretty good and I knew I had what I needed for the finish.
It didn't feel that slippery out there. The Conti tyres we have were brilliant, I could not fault them. The lads were flying round the corners and we didn't slip and that gives you confidence. If you start slipping early on, you get nervous and start sliding round. The lads were really professional too, going through the corners at a good speed but not taking risks.

Julian Winn:
The boys are doing a good job at the moment which is good to see. Thwaites was for the crit tonight, he takes it on as a leader after putting his hand up which is a mark of a champion when they are willing to take on that responsibility. The boys then commit to it and when he comes up with the goods, that gives them the belief that he'll do it again for them.
I'm never over confident. Definitely not. I think we have numbers but a lot can happen tomorrow over the tough terrain and tough climbs and they have  got to be on the ball like everybody else. We haven't won the race, it's not over until they cross the line on Monday.
Erick Rowsell:
The race was good. The whole team was right there and at the front all the time, keeping out of the trouble and we wanted another stage win and two wins in the one day is spot on. I felt comfortable with all the boys around me out there.


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Report and photos by Larry Hickmott |
Video by Cyclevox for British Cycling's Premier Calendar YouTube Channel