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Tour Méditerranéen Winner Wears Racing Kit Featuring coldblack® Technology

You may have followed Endura Racing’s great performance at the recent Tour Méditerranéen, which was rewarded with 2 stage wins and the overall victory for Jon Tiernan-Locke and you may well be familiar with the distinctive black and lime race colours of the team which look at first glance like a gentle evolution from the previous year’s design. Some of the logos have changed but there is little else that jumps out as a significant departure from the 2011 kit. That is until you try riding in the kit in hot, sunny weather.




The predominantly black design looks great, stands out in the peloton and is practical in wet weather and on dirty road conditions in a way that light and white colours simply aren’t, however, in another global first for Endura, the longstanding problem of racing in dark colours – overheating –  has now been overcome.

The Scottish company has worked closely with an advanced Italian fabric mill to be the first bike apparel brand to develop and deliver coldblack® technology into its digital sublimation printed team kit. The result is to reduce the surface temperature of the team kit by a full 4 degrees centigrade when cycling in strong sunlight compared to using the untreated fabric. Obviously this benefit of heat reduction will not have unfolded its full potential in the cold conditions of last week’s UCI 2.1 French stage race Tour Méditerranéen, and will therefore not have helped Endura Racing’s Jon Tiernan-Locke much in securing the win. However, such a large reduction in fabric temperature will help Endura Racing’s riders feel substantially fresher and more comfortable when racing in hot conditions.

Whilst many brands (including Endura) use the coldblack® technology for plain dyed fabrics, Endura is the first company to have successfully developed and applied this technology into sublimation printed race clothing. Everyday cycling enthusiasts can look and feel like a pro thanks to the Endura Racing Equipe Replica Team Kit which also shares the coldblack® technology and the same treatment is now also being introduced into Endura’s Equipe range of custom printed clothing for club members.

Coldblack® by Schoeller® Switzerland is a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up by reflecting sun rays. As a result the textiles stay measurably cooler and the wearer perspires less. At the same time, coldblack® treated garments deliver reliable protection from UV rays – a minimum of UPF 30 is guaranteed even for white fabrics, the UPF of dark coloured garments being significantly higher.



In warm conditions, and especially during a race, heat management is one of the demanding physical tasks a cyclist’s body has to perform (think about it: the hotter the body gets, the more it sweats, the more it dehydrates), and therefore cool racing kit can make all the difference. Just imagine cycling up an Alpine pass in the heat of summer to suddenly have the temperature drop by 4 degrees Celsius, the effect is really noticeable in real world conditions rather than just a marginal change observed in a laboratory.

Endura applies coldblack® finish to their Team Edition Jerseys and Team Edition Bibshorts to keep the Endura Racing Team cool during races. Non-team riders can kit themselves out with the premium Endura Equipe collection which offers a range of garments featuring coldblack® technology, from customizable Equipe Team Replica Jersey and Team Replica Bibshorts, to top-of-the-line Über Bibshorts.

The Equipe Team Replica Jersey is cut using an aero-fit pattern developed by our pro riders and is the same jersey that the team race in. This results in a very close-fitting, low drag jersey. Details of the jersey include a full front zip, Silicon gripper lightweight hem, 3 elasticated rear pockets and a zipped security pocket. The jersey can be customized with the rider’s nickname, name and national flag and features the same coldblack® technology as used in the jerseys issued to the professional riders in Endura Racing.

The Equipe Team Replica Bibshorts are the Endura racing edition of the popular Equipe Endurance Bibshorts. The classic ergonomic 8 panel bibshorts are made from Italian Power Lycra with CoolMax® centre front panel and also incorporate coldblack® technology to reduce overheating . The Italian 2 piece multidensity moulded stretch pad of these bibshorts has been developed by the Endura Racing Professional Cycle Team itself. 3D mesh wicking panels and back allow for optimal breathability while support stretch gloss panels and the silicone gripper lightweight hem ensure perfect fit. A rear laser cut pockets stows away small items. Reflective trims enhance visibility.

The Equipe Über Bibshorts are the top of the line bibshorts in the Equipe range. The Italian Power Lycra used provides superb muscle support with shaping and panelling that has been refined by repeated input from testing by riders of the Endura Racing Team. The black colour option incorporates coldblack® technology, substantially reduces heat absorption from sunlight and so prevents overheating. Both colour options, the white + black one and the fully black version, offer sun protection factor of 50+. The foundation for these bibshorts is the 1000 Series Italian stretch pad which employs 3-D computer controlled cutting technology to sculpt a continuously variable pad profile from a single piece of foam, thereby avoiding abrupt changes to profiles. The pad features a low friction underside, injection gel inserts around the sit bones and a massaging perforated upper TRS foam sub-surface and is finished with a fast-wicking, antibacterial microfiber fabric.

Endura Racing replica kit is now available through Endura dealers and direct through